Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Programmers have dirty mouths...

I've been poking around on Google Code Search a bit and have pulled a few funny queries.

Bitch – 15,400 results. "$bitch" pulls up 50 results.

Shit – 47,300 results. "$shit" pulls up 100 results.

Fuck – 36,400 results. "$fuck" pulls up 100 results.

Ass – 10,800,000 results. "$ass" pulls up 17,600 results.

i hate ff/firefox – 0 results

i hate ie – 20 results

i want to die – 50 results

i will kill you – 100 results

kill myself – 300 results

fuck yourself – 3,000 results

funny comments

  • ...I fucking hate you, you monopolizing piece of Netscape feces. */

  • /// @note we fucking hate itunes for taking over podcasts and inserting
    /// their own attributes.

  • /* I fucking hate dealing with strings in C. */

    if "\\" in name: name = name.replace("\\", "/")


  • # Fucking windows!


  • // are you crazy? o_O, no fucking windows directory? o_O

  • /* Fucking windows ass-shit. */

  • * client/src/memcache.c: Fucking Linux/GPL/gcc, why can't it just curl up and die?

  • /* I hate fucking Unix. This shit drives me nuts. Oh, and while we're at
    * it, what the HEMHORRAGING FUCK is with sun_path being 180 bytes (!?) and
    * that not being #defined anywhere? Fuck me with a ladder. */

  • /* RFC1035 SUCKS ASS! */

  • /* Holy shit! Quick, put everything back! */

  • // sometimes I Hate Mozilla... ;-(

  • /* I hate to include an include inside an include (ha!) however, I don't */

  • # we could call the root "My Computer" and mess with get_contents()
    # to return "A:", "B:", "C:", ... etc. as it's children, but that
    # would just be terminally cute and I'd have to shoot myself

  • Error("no consoles found in configuration file");
    kill(thepid, SIGTERM); /* shoot myself in the head */

  • # This is where most people should stop reading.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Why I hate developing for idiots...

In this day and age, technology is all around us, from cars to watches, to cell phones to the Internet. The Internet is an infinitely growing hard drive with infinite amounts of knowledge, communication, and people dancing on treadmills. It boggles my mind when I hear people describe the web as some overly hyped-up fad. The web is obviously much more than a 'fad' with all the search engine services processing and categorizing everything. 10 years ago the www was tiny compared to what it is today and couldn't do half of what it can. Websites and the capabilities of what they can do double daily. The internet is not going anywhere anytime no matter how hard you close your eyes. You cant escape change.

That brings me to my next point, people who don't understand the technology, data or www potential because they wont research it for themselves. Don't get me wrong, lots of people research lots of things and are very active online. I'm talking about a different breed of idiots unlike you or me. The kind of people who want buttons everywhere instead of links. The people who use bright yellow 24pt Aral black bold italic underline on a white background whenever they have the opportunity to edit text on a 12pt layout. The people who think the layouts color or position can be radically altered with just a click of a mouse like in 'word.' The people who want the spinning email gif that always has a wrong jagged background color. The people who think that whe web can be used to fold the 7TH dimension through the 8TH dimension to the -2ND dimension. Oh, did I also mention the fact that most people expect everything to be easy and a 2-second job?

The web is all about information. With technologies like RSS and ATOM you can force data down users throats. You can keep people very well informed by getting them to use an RSS feeder. I wont even get into what you can do with the power of AJAX apps, just look at gmail. However with these new technologies emerging and people not understanding that they are new, its not hard to believe that some people want the impossible and think that because google literally does it overnight, you can do it overnight despite the month of actual work the project might need. People think that when you develop something, no matter how complicated, it shouldn't of taken as long as it took you. Here's my philosophy on programming: If it's easy to make, it's difficult to use. If it's easy to use, it's difficult to make. Why is this so hard for people to grasp?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Digg Bugg - Dup permalinks?

I found a digg bugg today when I accidentally submitted an article twice via a dbl-click. It seems that the articles are given a unique key, however, the title doesn't seem to be checked for a duplicates when submitting. This allowed two articles with the exact same permalink.

The link given to the articles is here.

When following the link, one of the two seems to be randomly chosen for display (try F5 a few times). They have their own comments and own digg value. Without being able to delete something like this, it can cause confusion and server problems as the wrong one might be getting dugg, burried or commented on. I notified digg of the problem and hope it gets resolved.

In my submitted list, you can see the two diggs that i've marked dups.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Not the best month for AOL...

Aug 3rd, AOL announces they will be laying off 5,000 of the 19,000 people working for them.

Aug 7th, AOL releases 3 months and 650,000 users worth of search queries. The New York Times has identified one of these anonymous people from one of the many sites that have the data available.

Aug 15th, AOL was caught spamming articles on They were having employees digg items to get ratings. (Maybe why they are getting fired? lol)

Aug 16th, AOL says a convicted spammer may of hidden half a million dollars in gold and platinum on his parents' property. Tonka Time.

hrm. 2 weeks left in august. lets see what happens.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Google Maps Beta

It's been too damn long since i've posted something, so to kick things off, ya gotta love the power of Google! Google Maps for Mobile launched today in Beta status.

Here's the scoop: Real-time traffic estimates & directions, check traffic conditions and one-touch favorites.

Wait! What about aerial shots!? No problems, it includes the awesome satellite images that we all love to stare at for hours.

Google really said it best, it's the new hotness!