Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Portfolio

Well, I've finally compiled a list of some of my web and video projects.

Here's My Website Portfolio

Here's My Video Portfolio

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Terror To The World Bitches!

Alright, F-Teezy's Terror to the World music video is completed. Rickey Bird did the filming and I did the editing. The project took a couple days and was shot locally in Bakersfield. I have to say that this was a very fun project and I look forward to many more.

If you get a chance to watch this, please leave me a comment. Also, be sure to leave a comment on F-Teezy's Video Page!

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Taco Squirrel

The Taco Squirrel radio stream is up and streaming again. I'm always playing a plethora of random genres. :D

New! Control the stream by adding songs to the queue!
You can now search through the music to enqueue songs. They will be played in the order they are added. If a song title is wrong, you can also help us correct it by updating it's attributes. More music has also been added.
Click here to get started!

Accessing the Stream in your Music Player
The Taco Squirrel currently supports Winamp, Windows Media Player 9, or any other player that can stream shoutcast.

In Winamp: Press Control + L (or click here to load the playlist)

In Windows Media Player: Press Control + U

Copy and paste the URL:

If you like The Taco Squirrel's stream please tell your friends. I'm always adding more music. Please leave me comments if you like :D


Monday, December 03, 2007

Twitter Mosaic #121

I was checking out the newest Twitter Mosaic and realized that I was apart of the madness. I did a search through the usernames used for the image, I was one of them :D

Here's the original:

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Multi-Zone Multi-Purpose Kitty Collar

My cat has really started to bond with me and over the past month it has gotten pretty annoying. He comes and goes in my room as he pleases, pretty much 3 seconds after he comes in or out. I like my door closed, but the cats bed is in here due to having roommates, so i like to leave my door open only enough where the cat can fit through. Mr Fluffles aka Mr Puffy aka Tom Hanks is a cat that is very fat, wide load is a better way to put it. He always knocks the door wide open and i'm tired of it. I have come up with an idea that could help solve this.

Alas! da404lewzer's Multi-Zone Multi-Purpose Kitty Collar

Simply put the patent-pending da404lewzer brand multi-zone multi-purpose brand kitty collar on your gato, then lay the included zone-strip along the doorway of a room in your house. When the cat tries to get near the door, the cat is horribly electrocuted taking him/her to the ground instantly. The cat will learn from this and stay inside the room. You can control when the cat can leave, if he ever tries to again that is.

Step 1. Install Kitty Zone Strip

Place the Zone Strip on a door your cat frequents.

Step 2. Attach the collar to the victim, er, your cat

Once you get this thing on it's neck (which weighs eight pounds) it will really show kitty who's boss.

Step 3. Configure your TCP/IP settings

This is DHCP get used to it. Your cat can now sync up to BlueTooth enabled devices for practical joke shocking.

Step 4. Control your Kitty's Zones

Using this small and organized remote you can easily let your cat in or out of a room, or disable a russian satellite with missles via Google's NukeSat service (requires a Gmail account)

Step 5. Watch your cat walk up to the door and get the shit shocked out of him.

Watch your cat walk up to the door and get the shit shocked out of him. lol This is the most fun of all the steps. You can also manually induce shocking via the handy dandy remote.

Coming soon:
Mind Control Kitty firmware update!

Now that you've had time to think about the possibilities of this invention, i'm sure you wished that you would had come up with it first. Well, you didn't, so there. lol

Warning, this product may kill your cat in which case you should set up a camera so the funny can be cought on tape and then uploaded to youtube remixed to techno music. Your little kitty may die suddenly from exploding/leaking batterys or the radiation that the freon tank emits.