Friday, November 30, 2007

Underground Movie Make Up Classes!

We at Hectic Films are going to start doing makeup classes to help people make their films look awesome! For more information visit

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Great Firefox Extensions All Developers Need

I have been developing websites for about 5 years now and I have come across some of the neatest Firefox extensions ever made. By that I mean I use them every single day. If you've even gone to Firefox's Recommended Add-ons page, you'll find some plug-ins that you wont ever use. What's this?? They're recommended!! Yes, but that doesn't mean you'll use any of them. Their list of recommended add-ons includes things like MAP+, ChatZilla, Cooliris, Weather, eBay, and auto-blog-posters. All of these things are cool and useful, except for helping with web development.

Alas! da404lewzer's list of Great Firefox Extensions All Developers Need!

Web Developer 1.1.4
This handy tool allows you to take full control of your website's css, form, source and misc. information. It is a MUST HAVE for anyone doing websites or at the very least, myspace designs.

Firebug 1.05
This tool is very awesome for debugging source, javascript and css. Again, another must have.

Html Validator
This handy validator will inform you if your page is w3c compliant without having to submit it. It shows all warnings and errors and can be configured to use TINY and SGML parser.

StumbleUpon 3.16
This is simply the liquid crack of the interclick. Once you have an account specified with tags, you'll be given a new site related to those tags each time you click Stumble! You will learn more and more every day with this.

IE Tab
This extension allows you to use the Internet Explorer engine directly inside Firefox. This is great for ensuring the page will look good in both browsers. Click the FF logo in the status bar to switch to IE and back.

This handy tool is great for when clients give you links to pictures to use as content. This will save everything, mostly time!

Mouse Gestures 1.5.2
This will shave seconds by not having to go all the way to the top of the browser to click back or use backspace. You might actually get something productive done today because of it.

Yoono is very cool because it shows you lists of sites similar to the one you are on. This is very handy when trying to find other sites in the same category. When your client says, "have you heard of" You can reply, "of course, have YOU checked out slashdot, delicious, reddit, engadget, technorati, lifehacker, boing boing, wired, fark.. etc etc?"

I hope that these help you out. If there are any I missed I will add them. Please leave me comments as to what your favorite Firefox Extensions are and what you use them for!


'nuff said

Lost In Translation

The dialog in this script was written in English, translated to French, then to German, only to be translated back to French, and then English.. got it? Ok. So you might say that the dialog is a bit weird. Anyone who has seen the Star Wars ep III translation will love this. Smelly boy...

GTA: Insane Jump

Thanks everyone who watched my GTA Insane Jump video and helped rate it! I'm very happy to announce that I've recently rolled over 355 thousand views! A very special thanks goes out to the following websites and blogs that took the time to write about my video!




Links to the most interesting videos

Format: La TV vista da dentro


Rated: 4 stars (727 ratings)
Views: 355,475
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I love Stinko Man!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

1:23 - coool

I'm bored and it's 1:23a so I figured I would write an entry in my blog. I'm currently writing a custom web spider which I've left running for a while and am quite happy with. I've also been editing a few videos. I filmed a quinceanera last week and need to finish editing it. I have a couple weeks but don't want to delay it any longer than I have to.

I've been watching Family Guy religiously again, this time with newer episodes! For the longest time I'd only had Season 1-4 and half of Season 5. Thank god it's complete now, Season 5 is freakin' hilarious. I need to finish my Season 6 torrent but I've been too busy to care to keep it going. I need to save my bandwidth parsing page after page, second by second and all.

I have Le Püf back and he loves to chill in my room. He's been sleeping under my comforter the past couple days, tho not while I'm under it. I think he's starting to warm up to me after seeing my roommate. Mr. Fluffles is a very fluffy kitty and is very scared tho he IS getting better... slowly.

I realized two days ago that today was Thanksgiving. I hate when I lose track of time. Bleh, l8r

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Winamp 5.5 w/Mentos

So I have been using Winamp 5.5 and it's new Bento skin for a couple weeks now and I must say I've fallen in love with Winamp all over again. Ever since Frankel left the team, I thought that Winamp was lost to the darkness of AOL. Remember, AOL wasn't doing so hot not too long ago... anyways, the point is, they are trying to redeem themselves. High-five!

Bento Skin
Man this skin is cool! Have I mentioned it's coolness?? It keeps the window-shade mode that I love and still manages to keep me happy all over. The media library un-shades from mini-mode and even stays in-tact when docked to the top. Too bad crashes leave the un-shaded window to shrink the desktop real-estate. Makes programs really short. lol

Winamp Remote
This is a cool feature even tho it's been around for a while. It allows you to stream your music to wherever you are and it can even be accessed via an XBOX 360 or cell phones and pda's.

Multi-Content View
This view is a life saver. It allows you to view one of the 5 settings, file info, eq, stored playlists, etc. The file info pane is great and allows for easy voting.

Song Change Notification
This handy dandy notebook pops-up in the corner to inform you of the song change. If it only had stars on it to vote...

Well, I must say that instead of talking about it, you should just download and install it over the old one you do have installed... right?

Download Winamp 5.5 at:

Monday, November 12, 2007

StumbleUpon Enhancements

I've been using StumbleUpon for quite a while now and I must say that I'm in love. For all of you that don't know what Stumble is, you need to get rid of your life and join something called the internet. Stumble is your personal channel-surfer for the newest coolest stuff on the web. It's one of the best toolbars you can ever install. Once you setup an account, you choose from a huge list things you are in to and click Stumble on the toolbar to start seeing sites of those kinds. Any time you come across a site in Google for example, you can click "I like it!" to add it to StumbleUpon's directory, tag it and so forth.

StumbleUpon has been bringing me consistent content ever since i've installed it. But still, there are a few features I would really love to see:
  1. The Ability to Stumble my own 'Liked' pages. When I do a username search for my username, why does it tell me i've already seen everything? I want to see it again damn it!
  2. Bookmarks. I don't like having to use Stumble AND then to keep track of a site I liked. There's an "I like it!" button and I want it to work damn it!
  3. Squirrels. There's definitely not enough squirrels... or tacos.
  4. Integration with Digg. Sure someone likes it, but how many?
I'm done. I cant think of anything else right now, i'll go back in and fix it later.

Some of my favorite tags on Stumble include PHP, Graphic Design, and lolcats.