Saturday, September 13, 2008

GrandCentral Dialer

I am developing a standalone Windows application that allows you to dial any number from any phone using your Google GrandCentral Account. If you are interested, please download the latest copy from the download site.

I would appreciate feedback, digg and/or stumble support. Thanks!


Delta said...

The GrandCentral Dialer is a much welcomed addition to the GC project. I have been using Gizmo5 with GrandCentral and found I can also place calls to SIP based numbers used within Gizmo's program.
The only problem I had was getting the program to install as I already had Net Framework 3.5 running, however after a quick update from Microsoft things were fine. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Mike Billings said...

Just installed this and I'm a big fan. Thanks! I'm not sure what kind of support you're doing on it but would outlook contacts integration be something you'd consider?

Delta said...

Now that I have gotten used to and very happy with the GrandCentral Dialer I find that is does not work with the new Google Voice, I am hoping for an update or any news regarding the GC Dialer