Sunday, October 19, 2008

Updating Old Code

The time has finally come. A custom CRM that I developed for a company about 5 years ago needs to be completely rewritten. You might say that at the time of writing version 1.0 I was a bit of a newbie. I didn't understand Objects, I was still designing in tables and my CSS abilities were limited to in-line font modifications.

When I first opened up my code, I was immediately frustrated. I decided that as I go about writing version 2.0 I should share the experience.

The CRM has a couple basic sections:
  • Today Page
  • Orders Page
  • Address Book
  • Messages / Notes
  • Sample Requests
  • Mass Mailer
  • Report Generator
With new features planned for v2, I need to get v1 code ported to prettier code that I will feel good about calling v2. This requires re-writing all the MySQL tables and updating all the old MySQL queries to take advantage of join optimization, separating the logic from the presentation and from the data, re-designing the CRM with divs and smarty, and writing scripts to convert the old db to the new db.

I will be doing lots of posts as there is a lot to do. I will report in daily.

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