Thursday, November 22, 2007

1:23 - coool

I'm bored and it's 1:23a so I figured I would write an entry in my blog. I'm currently writing a custom web spider which I've left running for a while and am quite happy with. I've also been editing a few videos. I filmed a quinceanera last week and need to finish editing it. I have a couple weeks but don't want to delay it any longer than I have to.

I've been watching Family Guy religiously again, this time with newer episodes! For the longest time I'd only had Season 1-4 and half of Season 5. Thank god it's complete now, Season 5 is freakin' hilarious. I need to finish my Season 6 torrent but I've been too busy to care to keep it going. I need to save my bandwidth parsing page after page, second by second and all.

I have Le Püf back and he loves to chill in my room. He's been sleeping under my comforter the past couple days, tho not while I'm under it. I think he's starting to warm up to me after seeing my roommate. Mr. Fluffles is a very fluffy kitty and is very scared tho he IS getting better... slowly.

I realized two days ago that today was Thanksgiving. I hate when I lose track of time. Bleh, l8r

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